Top Industrial Air Pollution Control Equipments to Buy.

Top Industrial Air Pollution Control Equipments to Buy.


Clean air subscription, personally for you. It’s the best thing since sliced bread.

It’s been Four years since Pure Skies was launched by Devic Earth, and it’s set to become even better with Pure Skies 2.0, the most hassle-free and effective answer to ambient air pollution.

Yes, we hear you. There are a ton of air filters for industrial use out there, so what makes Pure Skies any different? 

Here’s how Pure Skies is a different air pollution control technology from any of the commercial air purification systems.

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Pure Skies VS Competitors 2

Consider this: if you have an emission control system that works solely on electricity, is silent, uses radio waves to clear away pollutants, comes with zero maintenance, no retrofits, can work with extremely large areas, and comes with a subscription plan that lets you afford clean air at less than a rupee per square foot per month…

Well, you’d have to be pretty unfortunate to say no to it.

Presenting: The one. The only. Devic Earth’s Pure Skies: Clean Air as a Service.

Plug it in. Switch it on. Your respiratory hygiene is sorted for life.

We’re serious. There are few services as effective as ours.

First things first.

Most air purifiers or the pollution control systems use a filter for dust removal, and the process of passing air through multiple chambers is both laborious and costly, since filters and other equipment have to be changed regularly, whether for industrial use or domestic purposes. This also causes a constraint on the amount of air that can be filtered at any point. This is a limitation for most commercial air control systems.

Pure Skies, on the other hand, is daringly different.

It uses no filter. It transmits pulsed WiFi across a given area, using a base station and extenders. The WiFi signals conglomerate the particulate pollutant particles in the air, making them heavier and causing them to sink to the ground.

This process of dry deposition is a natural one; Pure Skies just happens to accelerate it.

Areas of Application

Pure Skies is ideal for tackling ambient air pollution and can be installed for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Pure Skies is an excellent pollutant control choice for industries such as cement, iron and steel, thermal power plant, fertilizer, automobile, sugar, shipping and ports, auto ancillary components, and cities.

Since most of us have a thing for lists, let’s put it that way:

  • The Superman of clean air, Pure Skies is one of the best air purifiers for extremely large areas, both indoors and outdoors. It covers very large areas by using a number of extender units across the property.
  • It comes at the lowest cost per square foot. Subscribe to Clean Air as a Service for less than Rs. 0.99 or less per square foot, per month for indoors, or Rs. 8,999 or less per acre per month for outdoors.
  • Pure Skies is indisputably the best emission control system for combating ambient air pollution. It has resulted in reducing particulate matter levels and cleaning the air, from 33-90%, within a month. The more Pure Skies is used, the greater is the reduction in pm levels. Need you look more?
  • All Pure Skies needs is a power source. It requires no retrofits, no maintenance, no manpower or money to drive it. It has third party certification for efficacy and safety.
  • If all this isn’t enough, here’s more: It is absolutely silent. It doesn’t interfere with your activities in any way.

Could you ask for a more hassle-free solution to ambient air pollution? We don’t think so.

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How Pure Skies fares in comparison to other types of commercial air cleaners

Pure Skies fares in comparison to other types of commercial air cleaners

It is evident from the above mentioned comparisons that Pure Skies is one of the best air purifiers for large areas.


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(This article is Co-authored & conceptualized by Shashank Aggarwal and Vidhya Sreenivasan with updates from Priya Singh)

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