Let's make the air

we breathe Pure Again.

Pure Skies state of the art air purifiers

No fans. No filters. No gimmicks. 

Pure Skies uses a breakthrough application of pulsed radio waves in the Wi-Fi spectrum to accelerate the natural clearance of certain pollutants over large areas. 

3rd party tested for: 



Pure Skies for Industries

Better air quality improves worker productivity, enhances branding, and reduces time and cost leakages. 

Dilip Jayaram - CEO

We deployed the Pure Skies System at the IAAF GOLD label Airtel Delhi Half Marathon’ 2018 and the results achieved were miraculous. Buoyed by the success and armed with the learnings from the ADHM, Devic Earth also deployed the systems at the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K and were able to achieve better results. The results have ranged between 30 - 54% improvements.

Hareesh Mirpuri - CEO

Installing Devic Earth’s solution for improved air quality – Pure Skies system, proved to be a vital one. It is simple yet very effective! Secured real-time data access was given to check the air quality levels after the system was turned on. Increase in air quality was duly noticed and even felt by our working staff in the manufacturing unit. Air quality increased by more than 50% during the 16 days while pure skies was on. I am convinced that it’s a great product to keep our air quality safe and healthy for us

Aparna Krishnan - Scientist

Ever since I installed the air purification system at my home, my family has not only had the benefit of breathing the cleanest air, but we also enjoy the exclusive company of exquisite birds visiting my home frequently. It is a hassle free solution that energizes us at every moment with clean air across my home. It definitely is a must have solution for a better quality of life.



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