Sustainability & Customer Experience Most Important: Miraj Cinemas

Sustainability & Customer Experience Most Important: Miraj Cinemas

Bhuvnesh Mendiratta

Earth Day 2021 is a global call – to world leaders, industries and influencers among others – to take concerted action and find better ways of protecting the planet and ourselves.

Devic Earth is one of the world’s leading disruptive green-tech companies that fights pollution. On the occasion of Earth day, we at Devic Earth caught up with Bhuvnesh Mendiratta, Vice President of P&L at Miraj Entertainment Limited, to understand his leadership and efforts to promote sustainability at Miraj Cinemas. The flagship cinema chain is part of Miraj Group, a conglomerate whose interests span across 20 companies across multiple sectors with a turnover in excess of a billion rupees. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

Devic Earth: Can you tell us some of the steps you as a leader have taken towards making your organization and customer experience sustainable?

Bhuvnesh: Customer experience for us has been the most important aspect of the business and as a service provider it is important for us to make this experience more sustainable for them. As a primary approach, looking at the deteriorating air quality we are currently living in, we have equipped some of our cinemas with high end air purifiers and are looking to implement this feature in all our existing cinemas and upcoming cinemas.

Devic Earth: What does World Earth Day 2021 mean to you?

Bhuvnesh: Earth day is a day for us all to recollect the climate in our bustling lives. A day that reminds us to keep doing the seemingly insignificant details that help our current circumstance. Things like turning off the lights, the preservation of energy, plant trees, recycle, reduce, and reuse. It's an update that regardless of the amount we reduce, reuse and recycle we can generally accomplish more and it requires almost no exertion.

Devic Earth: What are some of the measures you foresee your industry taking to reduce carbon emissions, create a global green footprint and work towards global greenhouse emission goals as highlighted in the Paris Climate Change agreement?

Bhuvnesh: Our industry focuses on the following measures to help curb any major impacts on the environment:

  • Reduce use of paper: 90% of cinemas have adapted to paperless ticketing.
  • The food and beverage section to us is only the material that can be recycled once disposed.
  • Encourage the use of air-conditioning at a certain temperature, and also use brands that consume less energy, helping us conserve energy.
  • Disposal of waste is done methodically, and waste and recyclable material are stored separately.

Dr Srikanth Sola, CEO & Co-founder, Devic Earth, applauded the efforts of Miraj Cinemas recognizing that despite the numerous challenges faced by the entertainment industry in the light of the pandemic, it is remarkable that Miraj has been constantly striving for sustainable business and better customer experience with clean technology and sustainability at its core.

Dr. Srikanth Sola

Sharing his thoughts on Earth Day, 2021, Dr. Srikant Sola said, “My first Earth day was an experience unlike any I had seen. It was 1989, and I was a first year student at Stanford who'd boarded a train to San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge along with a group of friends. The gathering of 10,000 comprised students, environmentalists and ideologues thronged in celebration of what would have immense value in the years to come.

Flash forward to the present. The need to protect the environment is evident, and right in front of our eyes. We now know that a protected and healthy ecology is inextricably linked to a well-functioning economy, health and longevity. And most importantly, a meaningful and good life.

As COVID-19 attacks our lungs, air pollution makes us more exposed to the virus. It would be relevant to note that air pollution is an underappreciated contributor to COVID-19. Devic Earth's Pure Skies is a state-of-the-art air pollution control system that significantly improves the air quality both indoors and outdoors, providing clean and healthy air for everyone to breathe.”

This Earth day, we wish you happiness, health and abundance.

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