Pure Skies - Air Pollution Control Technology Deployed at a Media Conglomerates’ Offices Across 3 Cities Covering 40,000 sq. ft.

Pure Skies - Air Pollution Control Technology Deployed at a Media Conglomerates’ Offices Across 3 Cities Covering 40,000 sq. ft.

Devic Earth, the global leader in pulsed radio waves-based air pollution control technology has announced today that it has completed its deployment across a 40,000 + sq feet area at a media conglomerate’s offices pan India. With this successful installation,  Devic Earth takes lead to improve the air quality across four workspaces of the media giant across three cities as employees return to work.

The company conducted a proof of concept in Q3 last year for 3 months to help check the compatibility and interference of Pure Skies in the media companies’ office where the broadcast center operations are conducted from. On successful completion of proof of concept, with absolutely zero interference of pulsed radio waves with satellite signals, the conglomerate deployed Pure Skies at four office spaces across Mumbai, Noida, and Gurgaon respectively. 

For the media conglomerate, this initiative is an industry first. This sets a new benchmark in the use of technology for good and reinforces the commitment of the senior administration toward employee welfare by providing a clean and healthy work environment for the entire workforce. As employees return to the office, this deployment will help the leader to take preventive measures for indoor air pollution in the office spaces by incorporating the latest technology available in the country. In several public reports, it has been documented that office goers are exposed to air pollution during their travel and in the last years, several reports published by research bodies have proven that coronavirus spreads through the air. With the deployment of Pure Skies, employees traveling from long distances after braving road traffic will get a healthy working environment as they step into their office and spend a significant part of their day. Pure Skies technology also works against viral load and will continue to be used as a preventive device as popularly used by indoor spaces.


 About Devic Earth:

Devic Earth is a Bengaluru-based green tech company that offers disruptive, user-friendly, and innovative solutions to the problem of air pollution through the patented product ‘Pure Skies’ Pure Skies is a flagship technology that uses pulsed radio waves to create a temporary charge on particulate matter present in the air & clear air-borne pollutants by causing them to collide, become heavier and fall to the ground.

Devic Earth is now revolutionizing the way we breathe clean air by offering all the benefits of the state-of-the-art Pure Skies solution as a simple subscription can help world leaders take their next leap toward ESG & Sustainability goals. Over the last 4 years, Devic Earth has delivered 18 million sqm. of clean air with its clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies across cement, steel, mining, software, chemical, and more across India & Chile.


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