How Devic Earth Creates Large-Scale Change: Giving Back

How Devic Earth Creates Large-Scale Change: Giving Back

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A few decades ago, a young cardiologist with a brilliant academic record graduated from Stanford Medical University, eagerly looking forward to beginning his practice. He joined the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, determined to give back to the community and restore good health to as many as possible. And his efforts were largely successful.

In 2009, he was at the Sathya Sai super specialty hospital in Bangalore, where a young cobbler came to him with heart disease one day. He had no other health conditions or risk factors. He would sit by a busy roadside everyday at work. His only mistake was to have constantly inhaled badly polluted air. Our cardiologist was able to save him. Two days later, another young man with an almost identical background arrived with heart disease. Despite everyone’s best efforts, he died.

This incident sparked a decision in the cardiologist’s life. Dr. Srikanth Sola would go on to head years of research into finding an answer to the issue of air pollution. Years later, he founded Devic Earth, a green tech company in Bengaluru out to create large-scale change and solve the problem of pollution for the masses. The fruit of his research, Pure Skies, is our flagship product that radicalizes the very definition of air pollution control equipment. Instead of using filters and other traditional air purifying systems, our unique technology uses pulsed WiFi to clear the air of major pollutants like PM2.5, PM10, nitrous oxides and CO2.

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How does Pure Skies benefit the masses?

Pure Skies covers extremely large areas, with technology that is so flexible and hassle-free. Its convenience makes it a wonderfully affordable and viable option for the masses, since it requires no maintenance or expensive retrofits. The idea behind our innovation is to chart ways in which everybody can access clean and pure natural resources, thereby reducing the gap between the haves and the have-nots.

Pure Skies ensured that the runners at Delhi’s half-marathon were able to breathe clean air. Image Courtesy:

Results have shown that Pure Skies achieves a massive transformation in the air quality in public places. Pure Skies was commissioned for the Airtel Delhi half marathon in 2019. Participants testified that the air was much cleaner this time, which undoubtedly facilitated their performance and their health. In another case, installing Pure Skies at a 2019 marathon venue at Kolkata, in which 15000 athletes participated, saw levels of pm2.5 and pm10 plummet by 37% and 32% respectively.

Pure Skies is meant to cater to the masses; the underprivileged are truly vulnerable to the horrors of air pollution. The expansive area that Pure Skies can cover will take care of thepeople at large: the millions, who will be b enefitted by our product.

Our calculations show that in order to cover a tier two city like Varanasi with a population of more than 12 lakh heads, public installation of Pure Skies would cost just ₹17 per person per year, taking into consideration the entire population of the city. To avail clean air is less costly than a samosa!

Pure Skies is meant to cater to the masses. Image Courtesy:

How to give back to the community?

Corporate social responsibility is much more than paperwork. Considering employee welfare and good quality air for the masses ensures large-scale change. We at Devic Earth consider it a fantastic opportunity that we are able to serve the community even as part of our business. Further, we are able to help other companies fulfil their sustainability goals and create impact.

The ethos behind Devic Earth’s workplace is one of service and love. We endorse and enjoy a space that is informed by service, spirituality, understanding and guidance. We at Devic Earth like to think that this is the foundation we are built on.

Here’s to compassion and the courage it brings: to knowing that nothing is impossible, and that we will always keep getting better and better.

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