Global Leader in Clean Air Technology adds Solar Power Feature

Global Leader in Clean Air Technology adds Solar Power Feature

Devic Earth, the leader in pulsed-WiFi clean air technology for large areas, announced today that it is ready to move to solar energy to deploy its flagship clean air Subscription technology ‘Pure Skies’ across remote industrial areas in India. The solar feature will be an off-grid standalone system that supplies energy via Photovoltaic (PV) modules and stores it within a battery that transmits power to the Pure Skies units. The system is designed to have power backup of up to 3-5 days and the capability to run 24X7 with negligible disruptions.


This is slated to ease access to the remotest locations in the country where industries and factories are situated. Devic Earth’s advanced technology will operate with zero power disruptions and add to sustainability in the supply chain for its low energy consumption. Pure Skies is a plug-and-play filters technology based on pulsed Wifi that consumes just 5 Watts. The lab-tested technology deployed by Fortune 500 companies uses a unique algorithm to accelerate the natural process of dry deposition. It creates a temporary charge on airborne particulate matter causing them to collide with each other, coagulate and fall to the ground as a dry deposit.

 Pure Skies Solar

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Commenting on the development, Radhica Kanniganti, Engineering Head at Devic Earth said, “This will enable a free source of energy, almost zero power disruptions, technological sustainability, sync with other environmental initiatives like renewables and a practical solution for the remotest locations in the world affected by weather and power disruptions.”


Dr. Srikanth Sola, CEO of Devic Earth said, “We are proud to add this innovation. This is an important milestone for us as Pure Skies goes into international deployments. It creates new use cases and socio-economic benefits to city governments and individuals. As an industry leader catering to Fortune 500 companies and global clients, we constantly innovate and help our sustainability-focused clients deploy the latest scientific-first technologies for their practical problems.”


Devic Earth, launched in 2018 after a decade of R & D, is an MSME that has delivered 250 million square feet of clean air across sectors like cement, steel, mining, chemicals, offices, commercial real estate, residential spaces, marriage halls, and big-ticket marathon events. Devic Earth’s Pure Skies installations across the last 3 years have demonstrated strong results in improved air quality for workers, staff, communities, and residents by 33 - 90%. Achieving this over a short period of time has made it the most disruptive industry-first technology in this space.



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