"Motus" Company Behind Pinkathon Partners with Devic Earth

"Motus" Company Behind Pinkathon Partners with Devic Earth


To walk in partnership means you go longer. To have a partner who shares your vision is a bonus.

Mumbai-based Motus, headed by Mr. Sean Shenoy, is one of Devic Earth’s strategic partners who support and cherish our vision for a better tomorrow, where everyone can breathe clean air.

What do Motus and Devic Earth Share in Common?

An uncompromised belief in relationships and ethics. For both organizations, the importance placed on customer relationship is one of their greatest strengths.

“An immediate sale is good, but an ongoing relationship with the customer is more profitable in the long run. It’s all about relationships,” says Mr. Shenoy, who strongly believes in giving back to the community at every opportunity.

The company draws inspiration from several things. Their name ‘Motus’ is Latin for motion: a call that leads into action what has been only spoken about hitherto. The spurring of ideas into action that is impactful and measurable, making a difference across the community is deeply significant. Mr. Shenoy believes in solving environmental problems, and at the same time, involving the human community by making significant differences. Motus is committed to building society alongside its business goals.

“The pillars of ethics, principles, trust and the ability to solve problems together is the secret behind a strong and sustained partnership” - Sean Shenoy

In any organization, the cause that is furthered, the service that is done, and the relationships that are built, are pivotal to its functioning. Motus is no different.

Further, Motus deeply invests in making an idea come to life, by nurturing it with the necessary ecosystems. From catering to environmental solutions to providing disinfection, Motus aims to venture into alternate fuels and waste management as part of their future endeavors.

Their motto: Providing a sustainable environment.

How Devic Earth and Motus work together

Devic Earth and Motus share a great business partnership. We sustain ongoing relationships with our customers to ensure commitment. We work towards upholding integrity and ethics, throughout our journey.

“One of the fantastic aspects of Devic Earth is the relationships they maintain with everyone, be it customers, distributors, etc. The following of protocol and the adherence to ethics is admirable and sets a certain benchmark,” says Mr. Shenoy.

Team Devic Earth

At Devic Earth, we constantly innovate. We focus on catering to not just the current requirements of customers, but also their future needs. Our thirst for innovation and our belief in commitment encourage our partners to work closely with us.

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