Air pollution control equipment for Weld smoke

Case Study of Pure Skies for weld smoke

Anyone working in a factory where metal working is done knows that it can be dirty. Welding and other metalworking operations generate fumes containing manganese, lead, hexavalent chromium, and other toxic compounds.

Well-designed source capture and facility-wide systems can go a long way in improving air quality inside plants, providing the safest and healthiest working environment possible for employees.​

Pure Skies excels as a facility-wide systemfor the control of microscopic PM2.5 and PM10, which is released from weld smoke. 

At a heavy manufacturing plant with 32 welding stations, levels of both of these pollutants were in the hazardous range. After just 7 weeks, both pollutants had been reduced by 70-80% (Figure 1)!

Today, air quality inside this same plant is down by 90%. 

weld smoke_PNG

Figure 1: Data from a Pure Skies installation at a heavy machinery plant with 32 welding stations. At baseline, levels of PM2.5 (left, red bar) and PM10 (right, red bar) were very high – actually, in the hazardous range. After Pure Skies was turned on, there was a marked reduction in the particle pollutants – PM2.5 (left) and PM10 (right) by 70-80% over 6 weeks.

"Pure Skies is not a substitute for fume extraction systems which are required for welding. Both source extraction with fume extractors and facility-wide systems such as Pure Skies are required to effectively handle weld smoke."

For a detailed description of the engineering and process controls required for the control of weld smoke, we highly recommend this well-written article from

Pro tip: When looking for fume extraction systems, run away from the low-cost Chinese systems on the market. We’ve seen too many companies spend lakhs or even crores of rupees on these systems, only to find out they don’t work as intended. Go with a well-designed fume extractor such as those available with Ador Welding.

While Pure Skies will not stop the weld smoke that comes from the welding bay (this is where source extraction is needed) it will easily clear the particle pollutants that arise from this and make their way across the entire plant.

Everyone working on the shop floor will benefit from cleaner, healthier air with Pure Skies.

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