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Pure Skies pollution control equipment reduced PM2.5 and PM10 and 44% and 43%, respectively, at a retail store.

Pure Skies extender unit

Devic Earth installed the Pure Skies technology in a departmental store chain in Mumbai to improve the air quality inside the store and provide clean air to the staff and the customers. The baseline air quality at the location was evaluated using a third-party air quality monitor from Ambee.


Over the baseline evaluation period of 10 days (Pure Skies-Off) the 24-hour average levels of PM2.5 & PM10 were observed to be 88±15 μg/m3& 110±16 μg/m3,respectively.After Pure Skies was turned on for a period of 9-weeks these levels were reduced by 44% & 43%,respectively.  


In parallel, the levels of indoor carbon dioxide were also monitored at the same location. Over a span of two-weeks Pure Skies reduced the indoor CO2 levels by 15-25% across different floors of the store thus ensuring clean air for one and all.

graph 4.png

Average pollutant levels and % reduction at the departmental store.

The red and green bars are the Pure Skies-Off (10-days) and Pure Skies-On periods (75-days), respectively. The successive green bars depict the incremental decrease in the levels of the pollutants over 30-days intervals. Data source: 3rd party air quality monitor (Airveda Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon), pre-calibrated against a reference grade monitor.


Reduction in 24-hour average CO2 levels at the departmental store in Mumbai.

The red and green bars represent the Pure Skies-Off and the Pure Skies-On period, respectively. Baseline levels of CO2 exceeded safe limits (< 1080 ppb) as per ASHRAE standards. After Pure Skies was turned on, CO2 levels reduced by 15% from baseline and fell within acceptable limits.  Sundays and holidays were excluded from the analysis. Data source: 3rd party air quality monitors provided by Ambee.


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