We are deeply saddened to report that our beloved Sai Vishal V. passed away on 1st December after an accident that occurred during an installation at a customer site in Bareilly, U.P.

Vishal served as Operations Manager and joined Devic Earth shortly after the company was formed in 2018.


Our prayers and heartfelt condolences to Vishal's family, friends, and his extended family at Devic Earth. Vishal is survived by his mother and younger sister.


Appropriate legal action has been taken against the customer for failing to ensure the safety of Devic Earth’s employees during the installation.


Dr. Srikanth Sola, the CEO of Devic Earth, said, "As a physician, I have witnessed on numerous occasions the deep loss that accidents can cause. As a result, I personally take great pains to ensure the safety of our employees. This includes the provision of safety equipment, safety training, mandatory vaccinations for serious infections like typhoid and cholera that could affect our employees during travel, restrictions on road journeys at night, and numerous other precautions. 


"Each installation is carefully planned and executed. We are deeply pained that, despite having extensive safety measures in place, such a tragic death has occurred. 


"Sai Vishal will always be loved by his colleagues and customers alike for his sincere, sweet, and hard-working nature."

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