RF/EMC Engineer

Company: Devic Earth Private Limited

Job Type: Full-time

Experience: 5 Years of Industry Experience

Minimum Qualification: Bachelor’s or master’s Degree in Electronics and Communication or Electrical Engineering.

Location: Bengaluru

Hiring Poster - RF,EMC Engineer


Devic Earth is looking for an RF/EMC Engineer for our Kadugodi, Bangalore head office. This role will be part of our growing Engineering team which designs, implements, and develops our RF-based pollution control technology products. We would love to have you join our innovative and cutting-edge green technology company that is helping to improve lives every day through its mission of Clean Air for All (#PureSkies). 

We are a Greentech start-up with revolutionary breakthrough technology to mitigate environmental pollution. Our fast-growing company has onboarded dozens of customers, won multiple awards, and been extensively covered in the media.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Identify the product certification requirement and standards as per country requirements.
  • Pre-compliance testing, fault diagnosis, and troubleshooting of a wide range of EMI and RF problems.
  • Carry out product certification testing in accordance with Indian, European, and international standards.
  • Analyse simulation and field-testing results and provide recommendations for mitigation of any issues.
  • Inspect and control RF paths to meet federal regulations and standards.
  • Perform antenna measurements in the anechoic chamber (2.4 GHz, and 5 GHz).
  • Analyse the Technical reports in accordance with the standards as per ETSI and FCC.
  • Understand requirements from customers and coordinate with the Certification agency.
  • Report to the Project Engineering Head about the product EMC activities it’s a hierarchy of testing.
  • Update specification sheet and ISO documents w.r.t to product development.
  • Coordinate with manufacturers and other business partners to develop end-products.
  • Support the R&D and engineering teams to develop next-generation RF devices for the mitigation of air and water pollution.
  • Collaborate with the external outsourced engineering and design teams for seamless execution of projects.


  • Bachelor’s or master’s Degree in Electronics and Communication or Electrical Engineering.
  • 5+ years of experience with knowledge in RF/EMC/Hardware design.
  • Deep understanding of electrical safety; EMC; RF certification processes in global markets.
  • Experience in using a network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, RF power meters, and oscilloscopes.
  • Knowledge of cellular technologies such as GSM, 3G, 4G, and LTE.
  • Knowledge of antennas and electromagnetic propagation
  • Experience in analysis of electromagnetic interference and finding the root cause of EMC problems.
  • Knowledge of EMC design rules, such as cable segregation, earthing, shielding specifications, equipotential grounding, etc.
  • Experience in overseeing the transition of development hardware into production, including environmental testing, qualification testing, and design certification.
  • Should Have good knowledge of the consumer electronics domain. 
  • Good logical sense, strong technical skills, and the ability to learn new technologies.
  • Strong documentation and writing skills.
  • Should have good interpersonal, verbal, and written communication.

Salary: 75,000/- per month (based on CTC of 9,00,000 Lakhs per year). Benefits include a provident fund (PF), individual health insurance, COVID insurance, a generous leave policy, and a professional development program.

Experience:  Minimum 5 years of experience working in the industry 

Language: English (Required)

Job Type: Full time