Air pollution control equipment for Cinema Hall

Case Study of Pure Skies in Cinema Hall

What we did:

Pure Skies pollution control equipment reduced PM2.5 and PM10 about 56% and 58%, respectively at a cinema hall.

The problem:

Poor air quality was causing a steep drop in footfalls across theaters in Delhi and Noida for one of India's largest multiplex chains.

In other words, air pollution causes cinema halls to lose money! 



All the indoor air purifier solutions they had evaluated either covered too small an area (HEPA based models), were too expensive on a per square foot basis (ESPs or magnetic based cleaning systems), or both.

Customer requirements:

Our customers were clear on what they wanted: 

  • Noiseless operation. Air purifiers which made noise would detract from guests' experience 

  • Provide clean air for the entire lobby or auditorium to enhance guest comfort

  • Low operating expenses

  • Minimal maintenance

  • Air quality data inside the complex should be displayed on smart monitors inside the premises and the ticket  booth outside, with a comparison to outdoor air quality.


The solution:

Two Pure Skies 3000 air purifiers – one each in the lobby and one of the auditoriums of a multiplex cinema, were installed. Total area covered was 5,000 square feet.


Figure 1: A Pure Skies 3000 unit installed in the projector booth of a cinema auditorium. Installation is plug and play. A third party air quality monitor (not shown) was installed in a discrete location to measure indoor air quality and provide real time data to optimize the AI capabilities of Pure Skies.

To measure performance and provide data for Pure Skies’ AI powered technology, third party air quality monitors (third party certified for accuracy) were installed on the opposite side of the lobby and auditorium in discrete locations.

Installation took just a few hours to complete. The manager was given a secure login ID to view the air quality data inside the multiplex via any internet connected device. Several of the multiplex’s were configured so that air quality indoors could be displayed for guests to see.


The outcome:

Prior to turning on Pure Skies, baseline levels of indoor particulate pollutants – PM2.5 and PM10 were almost two-fold higher than what is recommended by the National Ambient Air Quality (NAAQ) standards and several times higher than the WHO guidelines (117±9 and 208±14 μg/m3, respectively).

In other words:

Before Pure Skies was installed, movie-goers were enjoying toxic air along with their popcorn and sodas.

Within two-weeks of installing the Pure Skies unit in the auditorium, the 24-hour average PM2.5 and PM10 levels were reduced by 40% and 42%, respectively (Figure 1). 

 The AI-powered smart technology then kicked in, which continuously adapts the Pure Skies output to the local air quality and improves it 24x7. 

At the end of 4-weeks, PM2.5 and PM10 levels were reduced by 56% and 58%, respectively, as compared to the baseline!

pm level graph miraj_PNG

Figure 2: Average pollutant levels and % reduction at the cinema’s auditorium. The red and green bars are the Pure Skies-Off (7-days) and Pure Skies-On periods (14-days), respectively. The successive green bars depict the incremental decrease in the levels of the pollutants over 14-days intervals. Data source: 3rd party air quality monitor (Airveda Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon), pre-calibrated against a reference grade monitor.

Smart display for saavy customers

The air quality display with Pure Skies was configured and branded as per the customer’s requirements. Essentially, move goers could see at a glance that the air quality at this multiplex is significantly better than what they were breathing outside. 

Airveda smart screen indoor vs outdoor A


Figure 3: Smart display showing improvement in air quality in the cinema hall lobby (with excellent levels for New Delhi in the winter) vs. those at the nearest reference facility monitor, just a few blocks away. In this case, overall indoor air quality is 66%, with PM10 being 89% better than outdoors. Data source: Third party air quality monitor from Airveda Pvt. Ltd. 

For movie goers, Pure Skies ensured a healthy guest experience.  

For the cinema hall owners, clean air with Pure Skies is part of the new normal post lockdown, and can be monetized through smart displays coupled with our world class performance. 

With Pure Skies we can enjoy clean, fresh air that's healthy to breathe even while watching our favourite movies.

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