Pollution jokes are not funny, they are dead serious!

Indians are a funny lot whose lips remain stiff in laughable situations but break into a hearty chuckle amid worst misery; why not, because laughter can clear the lungs in the worst air pollution

Indians must have a quirky gene hidden in the coils of their DNA that springs into action in the most unexpected moments of adversity. The jokes that are going viral on the social media about the air pollution spike are proof of this hidden hilarity. Yes, humor has always been there. And social media platforms are helping to spread it, thick and saucy. As some say, do not be greedy and keep to oneself anything worth a laugh or two. No doubt, happiness grows from sharing. Some of these air pollution jokes are terse one-liners, and some raucous and boisterous. Yet others are searing sarcasm calling out the misfeasance of the authorities put there to foresee and forestall such disasters.

These social media jokes range from the hilarious that are worth a spontaneous guffaw to the satirical that can tickle the thoughts. These humorists seem to spare none and take no prisoners. They may be mild and mollifying or savage and searing. The bottom-line is everybody is enjoying them and passing them around. Maybe, there are a few bruised egos lying splattered on their path. We present here a few for whatever they are worth (The cartoons are from greenhumour.com while the memes and other jokes are gratefully credited to Anonymous humorists):

An endearing father-son duo in a park bench is sheer joy to watch. Then the comment: Kohli at 110 is good news. But PM2.5 at 200 is indeed bad. Laugh or cry?

Obviously, everybody loves to make hay while the sun shines. Yet some people will make more when the sun does not shine! Talking about the mask does really maker. There is this cartoon putting the issue so very succinctly. It’s the math you can have a chuckle or two about!

And the ubiquitous selfie must find its way into everything in this click-happy smartphone era.

Costumes are among the best markers of ethnicity. But Delhiites necessarily have added one precious piece of accessory to their costume:

Some people have gone great lengths to make a music video based on a parody of ‘Pal pal dil ke paas’ (Not the 2019 movie) made immortal by Kishoreda.

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