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Q. Why should I register a lead (prospect)?

A. Lead registration is mandatory to qualify and approve leads, and to manage deals. It also helps your Partner Manager to track your progress throughout the deal and evaluate performance internally at Devic Earth. The link for lead registration is shared with the Partner during the onboarding process. Once the lead is registered, the Partner can view, update, and track the lead status online.

Q. How does lead registration work?

A. Partners must register all leads via their CRM. Training will be provided during the onboarding process by your Partner Manager.

Q. How is a lead assigned to me?

A. Devic Earth’s inbound leads are assigned to a Partner based on geography, keeping certain categories such as Partner specialization or exclusivity in mind. Our pre-sales team will frequently qualify the lead prior to handover.

Q. Who can become a Devic Earth partner?

A. If you are a legitimate business in a field that is related to green tech, renewable energy, sustainability, or related, and wish to apply to become a partner, please fill out this Devic Earth Partner Program Registration Form

Q. I am interested in the Partner Program. How can I sign up as a Partner?

A. To start the Partner process, complete the Devic Earth Partner Program Registration Form. Please include as much detail as possible before submitting. Our onboarding team will review your application and revert.

Q. Is an agreement required to become a Devic Earth Partner?

A. Absolutely. We work in a dignified manner with all our Partners. That means there is a clearly written framework for how we will work together. After approval, each Partner must sign the Partnership agreement to set this framework in place and officially join the Partner Program.

Q. Does Devic Earth charge a membership fee on its Partners?

A. No. There is no membership charge. In some cases, however there may be a modest fee for rental of demo equipment, which is split 50:50 between Devic Earth and the Partner.

Q. I want to refer customers but don’t want to sign up for the Partner Program. Do you have a referral program?

A. Yes. We have a Referral Program for companies or individuals who wish to refer customers to Devic Earth. Please contact for more information.


Q. What type of companies are best suited to become Devic Earth Partners?

A. Bona fide companies registered in India, in existence for at least 3 years, with minimum Rs. 5 Cr of annual turnover, and some relation to green technology, air purification, or a similar field.

Most importantly, partners should be easy to get along with. We are looking for relationships to last 10+ years.

Q. What are the different types of Partnerships at Devic Earth?


Strategic Partners

Publicly traded or large private limited companies with > Rs 50 Cr annual revenue and expertise in a strategically important market segment.

Channel Partners

Companies with > Rs 5 Cr annual revenue, > 10 employees, and location in an important geographic segment. Must be able to provide sales, local marketing, demo support, and post installation service. Installation is done by Devic Earth.

Marketing Partners

Small companies or partnership firms focusing primarily on sales to important market segments. Demo support, installation, and post installation service are done by Devic Earth.

Alliance Partners

Assist Devic Earth in managing our Partner teams across large geographic areas or market segments.

Q. After a Partner is onboarded, how frequently and how are they evaluated?

A. Partner progress is monitored weekly, monthly, and quarterly by your Partner Manager. While revenue is the most important metric, other initiatives such as upselling to existing customers, outbound lead generation, development of case studies, quality of service provided to existing customers, are taken into consideration.

Q. How will my team and I get trained in Devic Earth’s Pure Skies products?

A. During the onboarding process, Devic Earth will provide product training for all of its product lines. This is done using a combination of in person and online training, followed by written and practical assessment of your sales team. In addition, we offer online resources from our dedicated Partners portal which provides easy to understand video tutorials, presentations, and reading materials to help you understand our products well – and how to sell them.

Q. I do business outside of India. Can I sign up for selling Pure Skies abroad?

A. Not yet. We have a number of new initiatives underway that will take Pure Skies to multiple countries in a step wise process beginning in the 3rd quarter of 2020.



Q. When are Partner commissions paid?

A. Partner commissions are paid within 15 days of receipt of funds from the customer. Payment is based on the prorated amount received.

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