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Devic Earth is committed to improving air quality across large areas and save a million lives each year. With this mission at our core, we are proud to announce our Regional Headquarters at Singapore.

Singapore's burgeoning economy, a crown jewel for global startups and vast maritime, manufacturing, steel, cement and construction industries present a huge futuristic potential for the National Environment Agency to focus on ambient air pollution control in its long term targets.


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Developed by scientists

Experts from Stanford, IIT and ISRO


13 years of R&D

Technology that is powered by 13 years of research and development


Clients across industries

Steel, Cement, Residential areas, Commercial Parks and more


ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Tested and Certified technology


Member of CII and GeM Portal

Registered member of Confederation of Indian Industry and Government e-market place


Covers Large Areas

150 million sq.ft of clean air covered so far

How Pure Skies Work?

Devic Earth’s technology uses pulsed radio frequency energy to clear pollutants.

Scans for pollutants

Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Pure Skies learns about the surrounding

Uses Pulsed Wi-Fi

Pure Skies then sends pulsed radio waves

Clears Pollutants

Pulsed radio waves then reduces harmful particles by half

Cleans your Air

Clears PM2.5 and PM10 by half making the air safe and breathable

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What Our Client's Say


P Sreenivasa Raju

Sr. Gen Manager, ACC Cement

"After deploying Devic Earth's Pure Skies technology at our cement plant, PM2.5 reduced by 48% and PM10 by 50% in 4 weeks. These results are magical.

We plan to install this system across our manufacturing plants in due course of time".


Anand Desai

MD, Anupam Rasayan

"Pure Skies is an impressive product that reduced pollutant levels by 66% at our manufacturing plant. We were glad to have a vast area of clean air at our premises. Pure Skies, with its unique technology, was able to give us a very effective solution to air pollution. In addition to giving back to the community while improving customer experience, it also assist us to boost employee productivity".

Dilip (1)

Dilip Jayaram

CEO, PROCAM International

''We deployed the Pure Skies System at the IAAF GOLD label Airtel Delhi Half Marathon’ 2018 and the results achieved were miraculous. Buoyed by the success and armed with the learnings from the ADHM, Devic Earth also deployed the systems at the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K and were able to achieve better results. The results have ranged between 30 - 54% improvements''


Ashish Khandelwal

Executive Director, BL Agro Industries

“We have also installed state-of-the-art air purifiers across our units that help curb and map our emissions, giving us a chance to minimize the emissions. This had led to improve the air quality of the industrial area by 88% making the environment safe and breathable."


Haresh Mirpuri

CEO and Creative Director

''Installing Devic Earth’s solution for improved air quality – Pure Skies system, proved to be a vital one. It is simple yet very effective! Secured real-time data access was given to check the air quality levels after the system was turned on. Increase in air quality was duly noticed and even felt by our working staff in the manufacturing unit. Air quality increased by more than 50% during the 16 days while pure skies was on. I am convinced that it’s a great product to keep our air quality safe and healthy for us''

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