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A short story about cheeseburgers and blocked arteries


One fine day our CEO and co-founder, Dr. Srikanth Sola (back in his cardiologist days at the Cleveland Clinic, USA), consulted ona patient who had just undergone an angioplasty procedure to open a blocked artery.


Dr. Sola explained to the gentleman –now a heart patient – how he needed to lose weight, exercise, and keep his blood sugar under tight control.


After the new heart medicines were reviewed with him, the patient asked,

"Doc, since I'm taking these cholesterol pills now after my angioplasty, can I continue to eat cheeseburgers and ice cream like I used to?"

Dr. Sola is a no-nonsense kind of guy.


You can guess what he told his patient.

Just like that patient and his diet, we need to ensure that Pure Skies – the best air purifier for large areas – is used as intended.

Pure Skies is not a substitute for common sense, tangible, ethical, and/or legally required actions to mitigate air pollution.

Dangerous Applications


Devic Earth has performed extensive safety tests on all of our products. However, Pure Skies is not designed, manufactured, or intended for use in:


  • Hazardous or critical environments

  • Activities requiring emergency or fail-safe operation

  • Any other applications or activities in which failure of the product may pose the risk of environmental harm or physical injury or death to humans.


This includes but is not limited to: emissions from fires (natural or human-made); explosions; spillage of chemicals; oil; or other hazardous products; accidents from factories or other businesses; fumes from chemical or other manufacturing processes; or ionizing radiation.



Devic Earth Pvt. Ltd. specifically disclaims any liabilities or warranties for any use of the product by purchaser for dangerous applications.


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