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Pure Skies 9000 for Cities

Pure Skies 9000 is Devic Earth's flagship model for improving outdoor air quality over large areas. 

Pure Skies 9000 reduces particulate pollutants (PM2.5 and PM10), nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide, and carbon monoxide. Overall air quality index improves by a minimum 33%.


Atmospheric carbon dioxide, the principal greenhouse gas responsible for climate change, reduces by 15-20 ppm. That's only a 5% decline, but better than anything else available today. 

Importantly, Pure Skies does not adversely affect human health. 

Wide area of coverage

This advanced system, with a reach like no other product, improves air quality up to a 3 km radius in low rise areas. Coverage area varies depending on local topography and height of nearby buildings.


In high rise areas with street canyons, additional units may be required to provide adequate coverage at street level. Additional units may also be required in areas where vehicle emissions are high such as stadiums, bus/train stations, or airports. 

How is this possible? We tell the story below. But first, let us introduce you to CaaS. 

CAAS (Clean air as a service)

Devic Earth is the first company in the world to offer "Clean air as a Service" (CaaS). 

This subscription-based model lowers up-front capital expenditure, reduces time to installation, and provides hassle free operation. 

Devic Earth takes care of installation, maintenance headaches, and reporting. All we require from city authorities are the appropriate permissions, including a place to keep our units (2'x2' on a building rooftop every few kilometers, only 30W power consumption) and collaboration of the local pollution control authority or board. 


Air quality directly impacts quality of life. This is a no brainer.


Better air quality also adds years to life. The Air Quality Life Index predicts how much longer citizens would live on average if air quality improved to WHO standards. The results are impressive: 1-4 years of extra life, just by breathing cleaner air. 


Our CaaS model makes improving air quality fast and easy. We start with a 3-month introductory subscription over a limited area (3-6 Pure Skies 9000 units), to allow city leaders to "buy in" to CaaS with Pure Skies. 

After the introductory period, a regular subscription fee covers city-wide deployment of Pure Skies, benefiting hundreds of thousands if not millions of citizens every day. 

We guarantee system uptime (>90%) and minimum improvement in air quality index (33%). 

How does it work?

Pure Skies are unlike conventional air purifiers. Instead, they use a novel omni-directional antenna to generate weak radio waves in a specific pulsed sequence. Because radio waves are able to travel over long distances (compared to cell phone towers, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi), Pure Skies is able to work over a distance. However, these radio waves work at a particular frequency which does not affect other forms of telecommunication. 


The pulsed radio waves accelerate the velocity of very small particle pollutants (< 20 microns) and aerosols, increasing their clearance through a natural process called dry deposition.


Imagine a billiard table (the atmosphere) filled with billiard balls (pollutants). When the cue ball (radio waves) hits the billiard balls, they scatter. In the hands of a skilled billiard player, the balls move quickly into the side or corner pockets and are cleared away (dry deposition). 

What happens to all those pollutants when they settle down? We were hoping you would ask. 

The target pollutants that are affected by Pure Skies are at high enough concentrations to be toxic to human health, but are still present in tiny concentrations - parts per million or sometimes parts per billion. Because of their low concentration and microscopic size (one PM2.5 particle is 40 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair), we do not see a layer of dust on the ground when pollution improves with Pure Skies. 

Key features

air cleaner for city pollution

Where we work best


Pure Skies works best on particulate pollutants and aerosols < 20 microns in diameter. These also happen to be the pollutants that are the most damaging to health. 

air pollution management



No technology can do everything. As remarkable and simple as Pure Skies is, it does not work well on the following:

  • Large dust particles, such as from a dust storm or coke particles. Only the smaller components of this dust that are less than 20 microns in diameter will be affected by Pure Skies. 

  • Smoke from burning firecrackers or wood, forest fires, open garbage, or debris. However, once the smoke disperses into the surrounding air, Pure Skies takes effect and reduces PM10, PM2.5, and other target pollutants - by a minimum 33%. 

  • Emissions within a flue stack or tail pipe. These gases are at very high temperature and move at a high velocity. Dry deposition plays no role in this environment. Once the emitted gases disperse into the atmosphere, however, Pure Skies will take effect. 

  • Paint spray. Pure Skies does not affect paint finish in industrial or commercial applications. 

  • Ground level ozone is not affected.  



One day our CEO and co-founder, Dr. Srikanth Sola (back in his cardiologist days), saw a patient after he just undergone an angioplasty operation to open a blocked artery. The gentleman was quite obese and his diabetes was out of control. After his new heart medicines were explained to him, the patient asked, "Doc, since I'm taking these cholesterol pills now after my angioplasty, can I continue to eat cheeseburgers and ice cream like I used to?" 

You can guess what Dr. Sola told him. 


In the same way, Pure Skies is not a substitute for common sense, tangible, ethical, and/or legally required actions to mitigate air pollution. 

Dangerous Applications

This is the part of the web page we have to include to ensure Pure Skies is not used for the wrong applications. We have to do this to discourage overzealous users from applying it incorrectly. Here we go:


Pure Skies is not designed, manufactured, or intended for use in:

  • Hazardous or critical environments

  • Activities requiring emergency or fail-safe operation

  • Any other applications or activities in which failure of the product may pose the risk of environmental harm or physical injury or death to humans. This includes but is not limited to: emissions from fires (natural or human-made), explosions, spillage of chemicals, oil, or other hazardous products, accidents from factories or other businesses, fumes from chemical or other manufacturing processes or ionizing radiation. Devic Earth Pvt. Ltd. specifically disclaims any liabilities or warranties for any use of the product by purchaser for dangerous applications.