World Environment Day - BL Agro Spearheads Sustainability

World Environment Day - BL Agro Spearheads Sustainability

From Solar power, Air Pollution Control equipment to organic products- 2500 crore edible oils & food products company inspires us on World Environment Day

World environment day is here, and in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic and its ripples the world over, we have learned several valuable lessons. One of the primary takeaways has been the importance of good health, and associated with it, the necessity of a clean and green ecology with minimal environmental pollution.


We at Devic Earth interviewed Mr Ashish Khandewal, Executive Director at BL Agro, one of the leading food product companies in India with a yearly turnover of Rs 2500 crore. Mr Khandewal shared with us the steps taken by the organisation towards a sustainable business model. From cold-pressed oils to organic produce to unpolished and whole grain products, BL Agro evidently has a long-term vision that includes sustainable and healthy life choices. Further, they have adopted several measures to ensure a green and reduced carbon footprint.

1. Can you tell us some of the steps you as a leader have taken towards making your organization & customer experience sustainable?

B.L. Agro is committed to contribute to the nation building process through sustainable development. As a socially responsible organization, B.L. Agro understands the need to conserve the environment. To meet this goal, the company has undertaken various steps like:

  • setting up effluent treatment plants for water pollution control and
  • conservation installing air pollution control equipment,
  • using only biomass fuel for steam generation,
  • installing chimneys fitted with cyclone separators, etc.
  • Every year B.L. Agro organizes plantation drives in the Parsakhera industrial area, and many more areas in and around Bareilly city. We have planted more than 10,000 trees as part of our efforts.
  • We use solar power equipment in a big way.

At our B-31 plant unit, we have installed a roof-top solar power generation system. We are shortly going to import solar power through Sun Source Energy Pvt. Ltd, Noida for our B-4 and Joharpur refineries. At our B-31 unit we have roof-top solar power generation systems installed for 1.2 MW per annum power, out of which 0.5 MW is being consumed for our internal use, and 0.3 MW exported to UPPCL. Shortly, we will import 2.3 MW per annum at B-4 refinery and 1.2 MW per annum for our Joharpur Refinery through Sun Source Energy Pvt. Ltd, Noida.

2. What does World Environment Day 2021 mean to you?

Environment day is a day for all of us to remember the value of the environment, in the midst of our busy lives. A day that reminds us to continue to do the little things that help our environment. With the growing challenges of climate change, the issue is now more important than ever before.

3. What are some of the measures you foresee your industry taking to reduce carbon emissions, create a global green footprint & work towards global greenhouse emission goals as highlighted in the Paris Climate Change Agreement?

In a big way, industries are making a switch to healthier and cleaner fuels. We see in society that there is so much intrigue around electric vehicles, and it is evident that the changes are here to stay.

It is also evident that renewable energy is going to come up in a big way. Industries and cities are slowly switching to renewable sources of energy like solar, wind, geothermal and hydro energy.

Dr. Srikanth Sola, CEO, Devic Earth, applauds the efforts by BL Agro to spearhead sustainability endeavours.

As he says, “There’s no way to reverse the environmental impact of climate change, but significant progress can be made by adopting alternative lifestyles. The future of our planet lies in adapting innovative solutions targeted at improving the quality of resources on a large scale. Hence, embracing cleantech innovations will help address the challenge of climate change and bring about tremendous improvements in local air quality in the long run. Also, we must realize that the safety of the environment and our own sense of wealth are interlinked. An appreciation and respect for our natural resources, a willingness to love and spread positivity, and the effort to educate oneself and the community about the need to safeguard the environment can go a long way in protecting nature, and build our Earth a better place for our future generation.”

The article is written in association with our Channel Partner CitiArt communication.

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