Oizom - the Dhoni for Devic Earth’s spin-bowlers

Oizom - the Dhoni for Devic Earth’s spin-bowlers

Ace spinner Kuldeep Yadav is ready to bowl.

He looks at the batsman on the crease, grazing the bat against the pitch, poised and perspiring in anticipation.

Yadav knows what needs to be done.


The genius waiting behind the batsman knows him all too well, and with the strategy in place, all that's left is for Yadav to see it through to execution.

As Yadav starts his run-up, thousands in the stadium hold their breath as they watch him gradually accelerate his pace, until he reaches his maximum momentum and, finally … releases the ball.

Even before the batsman can comprehend the spin of the ball, the stumps get knocked down, bails flying up in the air. The batsman is frozen in disbelief and the genius who instructed Yadav, the legendary Mahendra Singh Dhoni himself, is jumping with half the stadium, all crying the most triumphant phrase in the game - OUT! OUT! OUT!


This is a classic instance of how success was a result of the combination of Yadav’s technical skills and Dhoni’s analytical skills; much like our own success in curbing air pollution using the technical expertise of Pure Skies and the analytical input provided by Polludrone.

Have you read?

Devic Earth’s Pure Skies air pollution control equipment improves ambient air quality across large areas using our patented, pulsed-WiFi technology. The spin-bowlers in our team include Pure Skies 1000 (for homes), 3000 (for offices), 6000 (for factories), and 9000 (for cities).

Just as one bowls according to the nature of the batsman, our spin-bowlers too customize their functioning according to the kind of pollution at the customer’s location.

For example, in a cement factory, where the pollution is largely composed of particulate matter, especially PM10, Pure Skies would function in a different way as compared to a closed office space, which is dominated by gaseous pollutants such as carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds.

But for this to happen, Pure Skies requires critical data on the air pollutant concentration as well as other meteorological parameters in the location, 24x7.

And this is where Oizom comes in.

Oizom is a world leader in ambient air quality monitoring, and its product, Polludrone, is installed along with the outdoor Pure Skies systems. This provides Devic Earth the required information on all the environmental parameters at our customers’ locations on a real-time basis. This data is available via a secure cloud-based application.


We utilize this data and also take into account other factors such as traffic density, wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, and precipitation to customize a solution that caters to the unique needs of every customer that continually gets better with time[1].

Thus, it is because of the analytical and observational prowess that Oizom brings which, when combined with our own pollution control abilities, allows us to clear ambient air of harmful pollutants like no other solution - very much like the relationship shared by Dhoni and his spin bowlers!

[1] Data privacy, of course, means as much to us as it does to our customers. So we strictly ensure that the data collected is used only by Devic Earth and shared only with the respective customer.

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