Deploy Pure Skies Air Purifier At The Gujarat Chemical Plant

Deploy Pure Skies Air Purifier At The Gujarat Chemical Plant

Devic Earth, the global leader in pulsed radio wave-based air pollution control technology has announced today that it has won a contract for deployment of its technology at the Gujarat plant of one of the largest chemicals manufacturing companies in India. With this successful closure of the deal, Devic Earth takes the charge to enhance and upgrade the air quality by reducing PM10 and PM2.5 inside the plant premises. 

The order includes Air Quality Monitoring, LIVE Dashboard reporting, and deployment of Pure Skies' unique technology post-baseline recording of air quality. Pure Skies has been installed to reduce Particulate Matter - PM2.5 and PM10 across an area of 5 Acres in their plant. This is the only technology that can work on ambient air quality and comes with a promise for the entire industry.

This deployment will help the chemical manufacturing giant inch onward with sustainable practices as a leader in the industry. 

About Devic Earth:

Devic Earth is a Bengaluru-based green tech company backed by over 13 years of rigorous R&D by Cardiologist Dr. Srikanth Sola and his team. It was founded with the aim of saving at least a million lives every year from pollution, the root cause of various health and environmental disorders. Devic Earth offers disruptive, user-friendly, and innovative solutions to the problem of air pollution. Its flagship product Pure Skies uses pulsed radio waves technology to create a temporary charge on Particulate matter present in the air to clear air-borne pollutants by causing them to collide, become heavier and fall to the ground.

Devic Earth is now revolutionizing the way we breathe clean air by offering all the benefits of the state-of-the-art Pure Skies solution as a simple subscription can help world leaders take their next leap towards ESG goals. The success of Devic Earth’s award-winning technology has been featured chiefly in the leading media spaces like CNBC, Forbes, YourStory, Financial Express, and more.

With an employee strength of 34 and growing, the company aims to be a world leader in green technology by creating a pollution-free environment. The company has won several awards like Innovation Hub Award at the Smart Urbanation Convention & Expo 2019, Technovation Award from India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA), and Best Scientific Paper at Heber National Conference on Ensuring Environmental Sustainability. 

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