A Message from Devic Earth’s CEO on COVID-19

A Message from Devic Earth’s CEO on COVID-19


Like you, everyone at Devic Earth is highly concerned by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on health, the economy, and society.

First, I want to reassure you that even at challenging times like these, our team is committed to providing all our customers and partners with continuous clean air and the highest level of service.

24/7 Support

  • Despite increased remote working requirements, we continue to provide 24/7 support and will be available round the clock to answer any queries or questions.

  • Fortunately, Pure Skies has a remarkable uptime (> 98%) as long as power and data connectivity are available. We continue to monitor air quality at your site, 24/7 every day, and send twice daily updates to your Pure Skies unit to ensure optimal performance.

  • In the event that the power at your premises are shut off due to a Work From Home situation, kindly notify your Pure Skies manager or me so that we can account for this. Otherwise our system will send us alarms!

Devic Earth’s view on mortality from COVID-19

I also wanted to share several thoughts on the current COVID-19 pandemic with you:

In the last few weeks, many people and organizations have asked me about the current situation and a possible correlation between COVID-19 severe symptoms and air pollution exposure. I had to shift from my CEO perspective back to my cardiologist mode to answer this.

The bottom line: Air pollution likely increases the risk from exposure to COVID-19.

Several prominent news organizations have covered this, including The Washington Post and the Guardian:

The European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) has warned that dirty air in urban areas that causes hypertension, diabetes, and other respiratory illness could lead to a higher overall death toll from the virus currently sweeping the world.

Fortunately, Pure Skies provides clean air over large areas reliably and effectively, at the lowest possible cost per square foot.

We would love to hear your feedback and input. Please get in touch with your Pure Skies manager or me directly regarding this. I personally read and respond to every mail from our customers.

Sending our best wishes for you and your family’s health and safety during these unusual times.

Best regards and stay healthy.

Dr. Srikanth Sola

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