3 ways Pure Skies is getting smaller and smaller

3 ways Pure Skies is getting smaller and smaller


Pure Skies is a revolutionary technology that has changed the way we view air pollution control. And now, it's about to get a lot smaller.

The real-world results with our installations across India demonstrate that Pure Skies mitigates air pollution across a wide range of outdoor and indoor settings: industries, cities, inside factories, homes, offices, sporting events, and public gatherings.

Patents have been filed, the sequences of pulses that run our pulsed radio wave technology are more robust than ever, and the AI algorithms run smarter.

Figure 1: Average pollutant levels and % reduction at the steel plant. The red and green bars are the Pure Skies-Off (7-days) and Pure Skies-On periods (7-days), respectively. The successive green bars depict the incremental decrease in the levels of the pollutants over 7-day intervals. Data source: 3rd party air quality monitor (Airveda Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon), pre-calibrated against a reference-grade monitor.


We started this work a decade ago. So, are we done innovating with this technology?

Not at all!

At Devic Earth, we constantly think about improving our existing technologies and innovating new ones.

And that’s how we came up with our latest brainchild, “Pure Skies 2.0” - the smaller, sleeker, smarter, and more aesthetic (sexier) version of our air pollution control equipment, with no compromise on quality or efficacy!

We believe in what the physicist William Pollard once said,

“Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow”.

We began with a reiterative approach, learning from the installations of our Pure Skies devices and the feedback from our customers to develop a smaller, sleeker, and more efficient product.

So what are we exactly trying to do in Pure Skies 2.0? To begin with, the technology has been made much more compact so that it can sit unobtrusively on an office or home shelf, or mounted on the wall of a manufacturing facility while giving excellent results in mitigating air pollution.

Like the current Pure Skies, Pure Skies 2.0 has only a simple on/off button. The rest of the work is done by our pulsed radio wave technology and optimized by our smart technology. There are still no filters to change or noisy fans.

Devic Earth has a number of industrial customers, and we’ve stepped up data security and safety. We use industry-grade end-to-end encryption of data and integration of high-end cloud computing to provide the real-time air quality data updates to the customer.

With these sophisticated features, we plan to launch Pure Skies 2.0 later this year in select international markets.

As Thomas E Edison said, “There’s a way to do it better – find it”.

We strive to improve ourselves and our products at Devic Earth for a better, cleaner, and safer tomorrow.

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