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Our Story

Dr. Srikanth Sola, an internationally reputed cardiologist, spent a large part of his day taking care of adults with heart attacks. While most would have the usual risk factors for heart attack - diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking, etc., there were also some whose only risk factor was exposure to air pollution. These patients usually lived or worked next to busy roads or factories. The situation was the same whether he was in the USA, working as a cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic, or in Bangalore, at the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences (2008-2018). 

In 2008, Dr. Sola conceived of an antenna made up of a spherical coil of copper wires, which held promise for reducing the burden of air pollution. Fate brought him together with two inventors in Phoenix, USA: Enoch Simpson and Gary Symons. Simpson and Symons had already developed an almost similar technology, which was based on an earlier invention by Slim Spurling. However, there was no valid scientific data to support the efficacy of the coil. 

These early coils held promise for reducing air pollution in both lab and field studies. Unfortunately, they also had significant limitations. Reliability was poor, and carefully controlled conditions were required to make these coils to work. Furthermore, these coils required specific sounds or tones from a musical system to operate the coil, similar to a tuning fork resonating to the sound energy emitted by another tuning fork which was struck and placed nearby. This requirement for sound activation led to the systems being placed in bulky, heavy soundproof boxes which limited their portability and, in some cases, their efficacy. In 2013, work on this first generation of coils was abandoned. But the search for a better solution continued. 

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Developed by scientists

A team with more than 50 years of experience

10 years of R&D

Technology that is powered by 12 years of research and development

Clients across industries

Steel, Cement, Office Parks and more trust us

Member of CII and GeM Portal

We work closely with with CII to help and create sustainable environment

10 years of R&D

More than 10 years of research backed product 

Covers Large Area

We can cover entire cities with Pure Skies

Our Team

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Dr. Srikanth Sola

Co-Founder, Director and CEO

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Shivani Sinha

Co-Founder, Member, BOD

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Shaguna Sinha

CFO, Co-Founder, Member BOD

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Paresh Trivedi

Member, Board of Directors

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Bhooma Krishnan

Chief Operating Officer


​Ravikiran R

VP, Operations


​Radhica Kanniganti

Head, Engineering


K. Radha Narayan Rao

Head, Sales


Shashank Aggarwal

Senior Manager, Marketing

Support for Research

The Pure Skies system for clean air is an offshoot of research done by the Sri Sathya Sai Pure Skies Program, led by Dr. Srikanth Sola and a team of scientists and environmental engineers from the USA and India. Funding and other support for this research has been provided by the following organizations: The Pure Skies system for clean air is an offshoot of research done by the Sri Sathya Sai Pure Skies Program

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Phyllis Krystal Foundation

Mission & Vision


Our Mission

To help life thrive by using innovative technological solutions to create a pollution-free planet.


Our Vision

Be the world leader in green technology by creating a pollution-free environment for billions of lives.

Our Value



We will conduct ourselves with integrity and transparency; and operate with the highest ethical standards.



We will continually push the boundaries of innovation to impact lives globally.



We will invest in our people, partners and customers to build strong and lasting relationships based on trust and respect.



We pledge to integrate sustainability and responsibility at an individual and collective level into our business; and ensure the highest levels of safety and reliability in our solutions.



We are committed to excellence in every aspect of our business and conduct.