Electronics Engineer          

Company: Devic Earth Private Limited

Job Type: Full-time

Experience: 2-5 Years of Experience

Minimum Qualification: BE Electronics in Communication or BE Telecommunication 

Location: Bengaluru

Hiring Electronic Engineer


Devic Earth is looking for Electronics Engineer at our head office in Bangalore to work on product development and assembly. This role will be part of our Technology Team.

We are a green tech company that is the leader in stand-alone air pollution control equipment. Based in Bangalore, our fast-growing company is VC-backed, has onboarded dozens of customers, won multiple awards, and has been extensively covered in the media.

The Electronics Engineer will help develop, test, and validate our next-generation pollution control equipment that will impact millions of people across the globe.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for all Power Electronics Design, Simulation, Test, Production
  • Responsible for Circuit Analysis and Simulation across all projects
  • PCB Design, fabrication, and testing for consumer-level power electronics
  • Collaborate with Core Technologies, Manufacturing, Design, and Special Projects teams across projects.
  • Design end-to-end hardware boards
  • Integrate generic sensors, Environmental sensors, and other GPIO with a custom microcontroller platform.
  • Integrate IoT, cellular, and Wi-Fi networking with a custom microcontroller platform
  • Firmware modifications and testing using C/C++.
  • Design stress test systems for all power systems and sensor circuits
  • Develop and validate BOM for various specifications.
  • Evaluate, compare, and identify appropriate components required.
  • Soldering PCB components (TH & SMD).
  • Evaluate the design for enclosure CAD files.
  • Software and hardware integration
  • Perform quality checks and assurance for the various electronic components.


Other Requirements:

  • Proficiency in Power Electronics and sensor circuits.
  • Experience with Cellular and Wi-Fi technologies.
  • Experience with I2C, I2S, SPI, UART, and other communications
  • Experience with EDA tools for PCB design.
  • Experience with microcontroller designs.
  • Experience with tools like MPLab, STMcubeIDE, LTSpice, etc.
  • Past work experience taking a product from design to mass manufacturing.
  • Experience in air quality monitoring system designs
  • Experience in PCB Design, Export, Fabrication, and Test
  • C/C++ is an added advantage.
  • Network analysis and circuit design.
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills


Minimum of 2-5yrs industry work experience

Minimum Qualification

M.E in Electronics and Communication Engineering or BE Electronics in Communication or BE Telecommunication

Salary: Competitive salary based on experience. Benefits include an employee stock option program, PF, health insurance, COVID hospitalization insurance, and a professional development program for ongoing education.