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Invisible Is Dangerous

While the air looks clean and clear, this could be toxic and unhealthy air. Wondering how?

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Pollutants we inhale with every breath

The air around us may seem clear but invisible is dangerous. Daily indoor and outdoor exposure to fine airborne particles like PM10 and PM2.5 leads to a range of health problems.

Effect of Air Pollution

Causing Constant Damage

Air pollution is killing thousands of people globally, everyday, damaging more than just the respiratory system. We're constantly exposed. Who knew breathing could lead to cancer! .

No Planet B

What does the future look like?

The earth may be a home to 3 trillion trees but they have begun to lose their capacity to absorb toxic pollutants and be the natural air purifiers. The need to act now is more than ever. #NoPlanetB

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Clean Air Delivered

Air Quality at JK Cement
The air quality levels at this cement plant improved by 60% in around 2 months' time. The installation of Pure Skies was done at the raw material handling section, loading & packaging section, and the residential colony on the premises of the cement plant. 
Air Quality at ACC Cement
Within 1 month of the installation of Pure Skies, the levels of PM2.5 were reduced by 48% and PM10 levels by 50%. The cement plant benefitted immensely from the improved air quality and enjoyed enhanced performance enabled by Pure Skies.
Air Quality Anupam Rasayan
After the installation of Pure Skies, the air quality at the chemical plant improved with time and remained within the limits prescribed by the CPCB improving the air quality by around 66% across the plant. 
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